Partners and references  

HCare's clients include both private companies and public producers of healthcare. We work closely with strategic partners and experts in several fields in order to maintain our excellent level of know-how. Our main focus is in the Nordics (Finland, Sweden, Norway), but we have projects and partners in many corners of the world. Here are some of our references:

  • Mehiläinen 
  • Attendo
  • Henkilöstöpalvelu Silkkitie  
  • Edevent 
  • Navamedic 
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • FCG Finnish Consulting Group 
  • Meallogger / Wellness Foundry 
  • Sairaala Neo 
  • Klinik / Salvera 
  • Pääkaupunkiseudun Senioripalvelut 
  • Health Advisory Group HeAG 
  • Weight Watchers Sweden 
  • Kondis Finland 
  • Keski-Satakunnan Terveydenhuollon Kuntayhtymä
  • Tuloksentekijät 
  • Pointer Sweden